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A ZB Healing Ritual is somatic bodywork that promotes wellness for your body AND mind. It’s like a lush combination of a shiatsu massage, gentle chiropractic treatment, a chat with a good friend, and a shamanic healing!


Zero Balancing is a modality developed in the 1970's by Fritz Smith, a revolutionary American Osteopath and surgeon. The treatment he designed encompasses his expertise as a western medical doctor as well as principles of his training as an Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. It focuses both on structure and energy movement and explores the connection between your feelings and what you are experiencing in your body.


When we have an emotion, there is usually a physical reaction: when we are sad, we might cry tears from our eyes; when a friend makes an unexpected joke, we can end up on the ground, laughing and gasping for air. Throughout our lives, we experience emotions that might not have an immediate escape or outlet. Maybe your boss does or says something ridiculous and in the interest of remaining employed, we must bite our tongue. Perhaps we have an issue with a family member and we do not feel safe to talk about how we are feeling with them. When we experience trauma, the feelings and reactions are often so large and complex that we are not able to process them all at once. If not properly expressed, that emotion stays in the body and might become a tight shoulder or a displaced hip, maybe a headache. Have you ever had something that you needed to tell someone, and right before the conversation your stomach feels like it is twisted up into knots? Everyone is different, and each person has a tendency to store emotion in a different place in their body. It is the goal of a Zero Balancing session to seek out all of those areas of stressed or blocked energy and say a gentle hello to them; often they just need to be recognized and heard in order to begin to release themselves.


As a massage therapist, I developed an intuitive sense for where one’s body was keeping pent up energy. Clients often told me that I knew the exact spot to go where something was hurting, in fact, they often told me that they didn’t know that they were having a problem in that area until I touched them there! These days, I use that same intuition and focused attention and I am able to work much more gently yet just as effectively.


Benefits of ZB Healing sessions:

  • Reduced overall stress and fatigue

  • Improved sleep

  • Greater balance and flexibility

  • Cultivation of a calm, clear mind

  • Renewed sense of purpose and wellbeing


ZB Healing sessions can help with:


  • Depression and other mental health issues

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Headaches and body aches

  • Fertility (If you are interested in this, please contact me ahead of scheduling so that we can meet at the ideal time in your moon cycle.)


90 Minute Zero Balancing Healing Ritual - $120


I’m really excited to offer these healing rituals, which have many elements thrown into the mix. My bespoke healing session has been developed from the more than 100 hours of Zero Balancing training that I completed throughout the course of 2018, my ten years and thousands of hours of experience as a massage therapist and Reiki Master, copious lifetime readings about mind-body dynamics, neuroscience, psychology and anthropology, as well as some of my own secular spiritual practices that have been helpful to me in my own healing journey. 

For the session, you will be asked to bring a pair of socks and dress comfortably: loose or stretchy clothes are best. When you arrive at my office, we will have a chat for 20 - 30 minutes. This is a good chance to catch up, clarify your expectations for the session, and discuss how I might best be of service to you. After I feel like I have a good picture of your current situation, I will have you complete a short exercise to set your own personal intentions for the coming days and weeks. 

After I do a quick evaluation of your posture and movement, you will lie down on the table. The session will begin with a short cleansing and meditation designed to help you embody the intentions you have chosen. I will then gently palpate different areas of your body, pausing and applying gentle pressure with my fingers when I find an area of energetic congestion. I will also do some light stretching and range of motion movements with your arms and legs. Often included in the session are shoulder massages, foot rubs, hand massages, and maybe a nice scalp massage. The pace of the treatment is slow and meditative and is intended to help you ground down into the earth and really come back into your bones - who you are at your very core. The hands-on part of the session generally takes about 45-60 minutes.


Afterwards I will have you take a seat with some water and a snack and we will discuss our mutual experiences of the session. You will leave my office feeling relaxed and centered, and maybe a bit lighter with a renewed sense of purpose and ease.


45 Minute Express Zero Balancing - $80


This session is an abbreviated version of my full session without the ritual elements, designed to offer a quick tune up, or the same quality of work at a lower price point. It is a bit closer to the traditional Zero Balancing session you might find elsewhere.


What is Zero Balancing?

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