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Hey! So you’ve made it to my blog! Welcome!

I plan to write about all kinds of things here. In the coming weeks and months you might find posts about health, movement, embodiment, spirituality, the tarot, books I’m reading, and just things I’m thinking about in general.

I’m not setting out to be some sort of self-appointed guru. I’m very much still in the process of learning how to be in the world whilst sorting through my own Complex PTSD and anxiety while also being aware of what is contained within the constant onslaught of Bad News. And having lots of feelings about that too.

In the end, we are all in this together, as citizens, and as humans. Here, I hope to be transparent about some of my current and past struggles as well as things that I find hopeful or helpful. All of this in service to creating a little bit of community. Stay tuned!

Love, Gillian


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